Easter Videos

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Easter is EARLIER this year! Are you ready? What are your favorite Easter traditions? Usually we die eggs out of VEGETABLES! Have you done that? It is so fun, makes the most unique colors, but makes the house smell awful.

This year we wanted to make mustache Easter eggs with little top hats. We have no idea why but we felt like it! They turned out so so so cute.

What kind of Easter eggs do you make?

We showed how you can make an OMBRE Easter basket, wouldn’t you LOVE one of these? Show the video to your moms!!



Lastly Abby thought up the WORST FOOD CHALLENGE! THE WORST! THE WORST! THE WORST! She had our mom get the yuckiest, sourest, worst flavored candies and put them in a plastic egg. We had to chew on them and keep them in our mouth for 10 seconds to get a point šŸ™


St. Patrick’s Day Videos

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You guys, it is almost ST PATRICKS DAY!! Any holiday is a good excuse to give your friends a little treat. Cameron and I show you how to make two different treats bags for your friends. Well I did a mason jar, they turned out so cute.

The Lucky Charm Popcorn Balls we made were so so so easy and perfect for the holiday!


CHARM IT by Charmed Collections

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Hi everyone! We got the cutest package in the mail from Inside were the cutest (we say that word a lot in this video) charms & charm bracelet from their new line CHARM IT.

You HAVE to see what charms they have AND tell us what charms you would love to get. You can follow them on instagram @charmedcollections

We had no idea which charms were coming and they fit our personalities perfect! If you were to build a charm bracelet around your personality what would it have on it? Sport things? Girl power quotes? Artist charms? TELL US!


Soda Challenge

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Have you ever doing the soda challenge with your family or friends?

There is a really fun shop where we live where they sell SO MANY different kids of flavors. So we sent our mom to get 12 of the weirdest flavors in the shop.

Abby’s favorite was the chocolate peppermint and her least favorite was the pumpkin pie.

Cameron’s favorite was the guava and her least favorite was chocolate dipped maple bacon.

You have to see what else we had to guess!!!


Kid Makeup — First Makeup Tips

We just picked a winner for our first Instagram giveaway, did you win it? Enter the next one of ours at

Ok so this is my first makeup video & I was so so nervous, so please be nice!

I share with you 3 tips on wear lipstick/lipgloss/lipliner.
You of course can wear lipgloss on your own. But you also can…

#1 Put lipstick on first then a gloss on top to make it a deeper color
#2 Put lipliner on first then a gloss to make it look more polished
#3 Mix the colors of the base and then top. You can make totally new colors!

Let me know what you think!!


Pizza Challenge

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Hi everyone! We LOVE challenge videos and this time we decided to invite our two little sisters to be a part of the PIZZA challenge.

You pick a number out of the bowl, find that number of a bag, and you HAVE to put that on your pizza.


It was hilarious, check it out

Just Add Magic Review

Just Add Magic Show Review

Ok so we are SO excited for this week! On January 15th (2016) our favorite TV show released it’s first season! A year ago they released one episode and we watched that one episode over and over and over again. We were counting down the days until they released new episodes.

What is the show you ask? JUST ADD MAGIC ON AMAZON PRIME!

It combines some of our favorite things: baking, magic, mystery, and friends. Seriously, it is the perfect show for us.


The main characters are SO fun to follow on Instagram. I wish I could meet them in real life with Cameron. Wouldn’t that be cool?

If you want to hear our review on the show & figure out how you can follow the best actresses ever on Instagram, watch this video šŸ™‚

All our other videos for this week are ****JUST ADD MAGIC**** themed.


Just Add Magic Book Review & Recipe from Book

While waiting for the new season to come out we ordered the book to read it. It is so cute & even has recipes in it! Just Add Magic by Cindy Callaghan is a must read. If you love the show, you must read the book.

We decided to make one of the swirlies in the book. The weirdest one! The main characters in the book always drink them and you HAVE to see how odd they are!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.42.56 PM


Just Add Magic Science Experiment

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Abby & I ADORE science projects and think they are pretty magical. So we wanted to show you guys our very FAVORITE science experiment. It included dry ice and bubbles and so much fun.


Magic Ice Cream Bread

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Our Dad told us about this bread that tasted so good and he couldn’t believe what it was made from. When we heard about it we HAD to try it. Ice cream & flour makes the most amazing bread. We just wish it did something cool from the show like…gave us a million dollars when we ate it!

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